Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted For My Country

I just arrived home from my polling station.

I have to tell you, I felt excited when I cast my vote!

It’s such a blessing living in this country, where courageous men and women defend our rights and freedoms.

If you haven’t voted, please, make sure that you do. If you aren’t registered, please register. You may not be able to vote this year, but you will be able to vote in future elections, and trust me, they are important. YOUR vote, and voice, is important.  

Some say it’s a duty to vote.

I believe it’s an honor.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Sock Full Of Popcorn Over Obama

My husband and I are always complaining that WE aren’t ever involved in any of the polling that we hear about on the news.

Well, the other day I answered the phone and someone on the other end requested my husband. I asked who was calling, lo and behold, it was someone polling for the Obama Administration. I handed the phone to my husband saying, “Oh you’ll want this call!”

According to my husband, the conversation went like so:

Pollster: Will you be voting for President Obama this election?

My Husband: There’s no way in hell.

Pollster: So I can put you down for Obama then?

My Husband: I said no way. As a matter of fact, I would vote for a sock full of popcorn before I voted for Obama.

Pollster: I don’t think you can vote for a sock full of popcorn.

My Husband: I’ll write it in.

I have no idea what the pollster actually marked considering he didn’t take the first NO my husband told him, which makes me totally suspect of the polls the media spews.

 I believe I’ll ignore the polls and wait until the night of the election to see who the winner will be and if it’s a sock full of popcorn, we’ll know my husband was the deciding vote.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Personal Update & Holiday Wishes

I say it every year, nevertheless, I’m going to say it again, it’s hard to believe it’s Christmas Eve day! It seems like only yesterday I was sobbing that my son was leaving for Army basic training, then crying happy tears at his graduation four months later. Time really does go by with the blink of an eye.

I’ve neglected this blog horribly over the last few months and I apologize to those who have been loyal readers as well as those who have relied on me to add some sanity to our crazy Political environment. I haven’t been out of the sphere; I’ve actually been posting on my other blog, Hart’s Beat, where I can spew about anything under the sun, rather than politics.

My Political fire has fizzled. I’m tired, frustrated, angry and pessimistic about our leader, our officials, our current GOP candidates, the current condition of our country and its future. I have every intention of blogging politically again, I just need to ignite my spark, or I need SOMETHING to fire me up. You would think the mess that has accumulated in the last three years would be enough, alas, it’s not. I think I might be immune to Obama’s incompetency. I can only hope, that even though I’m not wild about the GOP candidates, one of them will win the 2012 election and get our country back on track. Because to ME, anyone else has to be better than what we currently have.

 Other than my utter frustration with our floundering country, which has no real guidance or leadership to help align it, my family and I are thankfully doing well. And personally, I'm great. It’s refreshing to write about random and every day thoughts and occurrences. It’s liberating to write creatively and see positive results immediately rather than research endlessly only to feel like I’ve beaten my head off a wall. It takes great fortitude to write political op-ed pieces and it also takes a lot of work to ensure that you include facts; however, it’s exasperating when either side ignores those facts and continues to espouse the myths or out and out lies. That’s why blogging hiatus’s are sometimes healthy, in my humble opinion. Even those that aren’t planned, which I tend to do more than most.

I would like 2012 to be a better posting year for this blog. One where I can regularly inform and educate as well as randomly voice my opinion. I may not make a difference, but it will surely make ME feel better, and in the grand scheme of things, isn't that what writing is all about anyway? An outlet for those of us who are writers at heart.

Which I believe I am, therefore I need to write, whether it's about Politics, or my family, or a rant about the lady at Starbucks, I need to put my fingers to the keyboard and let loose. So, let 2012 be the year where I fill BOTH of my blogs with many, many posts.

Let 2012 also be a year filled with much happiness, love and good health for my family, friends, myself and of course, you and yours. May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true and may you exceed your goals!

I'll see you next year, or join me at Hart's Beat or my Facebook Fan Page!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh My Gosh! I’m 4 Years Old!

I turned four!

September 17th…my four year blog anniversay—it came and went and I didn’t even realize it until today! Where’s my head? Please, don’t even answer that!

My life is busy…crazy busy. Being a wife and a mom, working part-time and not having figured out how the heck to juggle ME time leaves my blog suffering. I know, at 46 I should know better. It’s just that with one son in Army Basic Training and the other just entering High School, my job still isn’t done; my ME time hasn’t really begun yet, so I fit in what ME time I can when I'm able.

I’m sure there are moms out there who put themselves first, but I’m not one of those. My husband and kids are first; I’m last. That’s how I operate. So, until my youngest graduates or I figure out how to add more hours to my days, I’ll blog when I’m able…and you, my loyal readers, (you know who you are!) will have to accept me for who I am!

Happy Belated Blogiversary To Me!

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